Rates do not include taxes, surcharges, fees, gasoline, refueling charges, or optional counter products or services.
Rates are subject to change without notice, unless a booking is made.


  • A valid driver license and a major credit or bankcard (bankcards must be open for at least a year, along with proof of address), and proof of current auto liability insurance is required when picking up your rental.Drivers must hold a valid driver license for the duration of the rental. Foreign country’s issued driver licenses are accepted if they have English redundant verbiage, or your country’s issued driver license along with an international driver permit (that acts as a translation) is also acceptable.
    We require that you have a credit or bankcard issued in your name with a minimum of $300(US), $500(US) if under the age of 25 or posses a foreign driver license. If the rental charges exceeds the required minimum monetary hold, the greater of the two shall remain on hold. We do not accept prepaid debit cards or cash deposits.
    All drivers must comply with the states required financial responsibility laws. We accept personal auto and non-owner auto liability policies. If you’re under the age of 25, you must have an individual full coverage auto policy that bridges to rented vehicles,  a major credit or bankcard that offers car rental protection (LDW or CDW) coverage as a free benefit to the cardholder, or a basic auto liability policy and purchase comprehensive and collision coverage from www.insuremyrentalcar.com at least one day prior to your pick up date. In some cases you may also need to present your passport.

What You Want To Know

Your security deposit will not be used towards the payment of your rental.

We will bill weekly for the week past, all payments are due on each Monday after the day you pick up your vehicle.

If your rental exceeds 28 days, your original authorization will be charged on the third or fourth billing cycle depending on the day you pick up your vehicle. This will generate a credit balance on your rental which will then be refunded to you upon return of the vehicle. We can not reauthorize cards on extended rentals.

About Mileage Plans

We have three different mileage programs available to you. Pay Per Mile ( great plan for limited local driving ), Preferred Rate ( Get 125 free miles included in the rate ),  and last but not least Unlimited Mileage, for when you plan your next road trip outside the local area.

Just pick the one that best fits your usage, save money and drive happy.

About Your Driver License and Privileges.

You must present your valid driver license when picking up the rental car, the license must be valid for the duration of the rental. Copies, faxed copies, pictures of a license are not acceptable. Learner’s permits will be refused. California interim driver licenses are accepted along with a picture ID. The International Driving Permit serves only as a translation, it will not be accepted in lieu of your driver license.

Can I Rent a Car If I’m Under 25?

Yes you can. The underage daily charge is $12 for ages between 18 – 21, and $6 for ages between 22-24.

Can I Rent a Car Without a Credit Card?

Yes, we accept bankcards that are associated with your bank account.

The following conditions apply: A- Bankcard must be in your possession for over a year. B- Proof of address: utility bill, apartment rental agreement in your name. C-Valid full coverage auto insurance via your existing auto policy that will bridge to the rental car, or an auto liability policy along with a car rental coverage plan purchased through www.insuremyrentalcar.com at least one day prior to your pick up date, or allianztravelinsurance.com for the same day of pick up.

Prepaid credit or loadable cards are not accepted.

Can I Drive The Car Out Of State?

All rates are based on usage within the local region. You may travel throughout California and Nevada with prior written authorization, rates may change to reflect out of local region usage. Vehicles are not allowed to be driven into Mexico.

Is There a Fee For Additional Drivers?

We allow one additional driver at no additional fee.

Reserving A Car

Reserve online via www.699rentacar.com or call 855-699-SAVE (7283) to reserve with a live person.

Reservations are accepted outside of 48 hours prior to your pick up time online or by phone. If you need a vehicle at a moments notice please call for availability.

Keep your confirmation number handy.


***Block out periods may during or after the booking process, restrict, invalidate or reject a booking. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel, modify or amend a reservation that may be made for any special, offer, coupon, discount, or promotion at any time prior to or during a block out period.

***Peak seasons, Summer Months, November 20 through December 3, December 15 through  January 6, Easter week, week prior to Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July week, week prior to Labor day weekend,  holidays, holiday weekends, are considered and examples of block out periods.

Picking You Up

Free customer pick-up and drop within a 3 mile radius. Restrictions apply, please call ahead with any questions and at least 2 hours prior to your pick up time, to prevent delays and check availability for service.

Authorizations And Holds

  • At the time of rental an authorization will be taken, this is a hold placed on your account, please make sure you have sufficient credit or funds available. When presenting a bankcard for retention of your rental, your bank will process authorizations one of three different ways,1) your account may be debited,

    2) may be blocked, you’ll be able to see it in your account, but not have access to it, or

    3) they will release the hold the same day as if the authorization never took place, however the authorization will remain open for 28 days . We can not tell how your bank will process this transaction, please inquire with them for this information.

Returning Your Rental

Check your paper work to determine the proper return fuel level and time.

Please return your rental clean inside and out to avoid cleaning fees.

Upon return, one of the members of our staff will greet you, take your keys, inspect the vehicle and prepare your closing statement.

When returning vehicles at locations other than the rental offices or after business hours will, you’ll remain responsible for the rental until such time the vehicle is checked in by an agent.

You may choose to pay your closing balance by any form of acceptable payment.

Valet Service

Free and convenient delivery and collection service of the vehicle is available only to returning customers or on special case scenarios made with prior arrangements, not available to first time renters. Restrictions apply, please call ahead at least 2 hours prior to your delivery or pick up time to prevent delays.

Lax returns are dropped in parking lot “C”.

Minimum fee is $75 or $1.50 per mile whichever is greater per event.

Is There An After Hour Drop Off?

Yes, ask your agent for details.

Can I Return My Rental To Other 699RentACar Locations?

Yes, the drop fee is $35 to other 699RentACar locations.

Is There a 699RentACar Anywhere Else In The US Or The World?

At the moment we are based out of Los Angeles California, however we are looking forward towards expansion in the near future to other locations in California and the US.

Why Are 699RentACar Rates So Low?

We tier our rates for each vehicle class, tailored to your driving needs. The 699RentACar staple rate plans create a new standard in offering the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that our customers getting the most savings possible.

How Old Is The 699RentACar Fleet?

Majority of the fleet is comprised of newer cars, there are some well preserved older cars that may go back as far as ten years.

Does 699RentACar Rent Child Seats?

Yes, child seats are available at additional costs.