A few words from our guests whom experienced a car rental from 699RentACar!

As a first time renter here at 699RentACar…

…I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the economy cars. I expected to receive a bucket and although they aren’t the newest cars, it by far exceeded my expectations. I’ll be a customer for life.
Shamika W.- North Hollywood CA.

699RentACar staff has always treated me…

… with the utmost professional courtesy. The service and value of it’s rental cars are the best.
Rod W.- Sherman Oaks, CA.

About 3 years ago, the engine on my Cadillac blew a rod…

… and my mechanic advised me to scrap that car. I contacted 699RentACar for “temporary” transportation and I found that it’s more economical for me to use their vehicles than to be anxiety ridden owning my own, (i.e. no annual licensing, maintenance, or smog checks.) John and his entire staff are very friendly and helpful. If I have a mechanical problem with the car, all I do is bring it in and they gladly replace it with another. So they continue to be “my ride”.
Ted T.- Studio City, CA.

The service is fantastic!

I’ve used 699 for many years, great prices too.
Bryant M.- Van Nuys, CA.

John, It is with great pleasure that I inform you…

… that as of this morning, the bank has properly credited my account. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts. In many ways, a company is measured not just in the service they provide (which you guys did a great job), but in what the company does when a problem occurs. To that effect, your score is a perfect 10 and we will continue to do business with you upon our return to the US and also recommend your firm. All the best, Ron
Ron E.- Wanniassa, Australia.

Mi nombre es Patricio C.

Mi opinion sobre 699RentACar siempre ha sido excelente, el servicio, no tengo ninguna mala experiencia.
Patricio C.- Van Nuys CA.

After renting at 699 for the past year,…

…for months at a time, it has been very convenient, and probably the cheapest on the market. After a misunderstanding about a billing credit card was sorted out, very diligently by the staff, I still come back and recommend people.
Jodie L.- Sydney Australia.

I have been using their services many times…

… in the last 3 years, and the staff has always been very helpful, polite, and their rates are UNBEATABLE. I highly recommend them to anyone.
Edith C.- Van Nuys, CA.

Since we first rented with 699,

… we have received excellent service, great prices, and a friendly staff. We would highly recommend that anyone needing a rental car or truck and wants reasonable rates call 699! Thank you everyone at 699RentACar! Patrick and Ruthie – you are the best!
Jodi B.- North Hollywood CA.

699RentACar is the VERY BEST car rental business

… in Southern California. 1- Honest 2- Dependable Cars & Vans 3- Absolute Lowest Rates 4- Honest!! 5- Dedicated Service 6- Honest!!!
Leigh I.- Panorama City,CA.

Car rental service was outstanding,…

… car was cleaned properly and was good on gas.
Fernando V.- Panorama City, CA

You guys were great!

… so much cheaper than everybody else!
Shannon R.- Manitoba, CN


Guy Batemean- U.S.A.

Your cheap rates attracted me when I came in,…

… and now that I have rented, I will be back for the cheap rates and the great service!
John A- Encino, CA.

Just to let you know, you guys are great,…

… I love your service and your rates are amazing.
Jonathan G- Los Angeles, CA

You guys took good care of me,…

… and I will definitely do business with you again!
Jevon C.- East Greenwich, RI

Just wanted to let you know that Enci at Casting Networks

… praised your company in an article and because of that I am saving your name and phone number in my contacts for future use. Thank you. daisy
Daisy- L.A.

Hi there! I came across 699 via Google…

… and you guys seem pretty good! At this stage you’re by far the best-value car rental place I’ve come across.
Blake- Australia

Thank you so much for working with me with the credit cards.

… I appreciate it more than you know. Kim M.
Blake- Australia

I need to rent a car starting tomorrow….

… I want the car tomorrow, Wednesday, and return on Sunday morning. Can I return a car on a Sunday? will I get the april deal as shown on your website? I am looking for the best deal in town, based on the internet, that would be you, but I live in the area and so will be doing a little more research tomorrow. please let me know if I can pick up a car tomorrow.
Christina B- Los Angeles, CA

I’m a danish ph.d student (and citizen)…

… who are going on a 6 month project study at NASA JPL. In relation to this Im looking for the cheapest way to rent a car for the period. Certainly, your company seems to be the cheapest one I have found so far! So Im strongly considering renting a car from you guys.
Michael B.- Kings Lyngsby, DK

To Whom It May Concern: I have been a customer now at two locations…

… and not only is 699RentACar “Cool” & “Inexpensive” but having super professional and thoughtful employees like Patrick only enhances your business ! I will use you guys in the future and continue to recommend to others. God Bless.
Baron S. – Beverly Hills, CA

First all many thanks for the service and help you gave me…

… during my 2 month rental with 699rent a car.
David X- Spain

Thanks Oscar!

…for your help. ?
Anonimous- U.S.A.

The place to rent cars!

Anonimous- U.S.A.

I wont rent anywhere else.
Ray- W.L.A.

I love you guys!, thanks for everything! I will definitely ONLY rent from 699.
YW- U.S.A.

Thank you so much for your help over the last couple of months.

You have been a life saver. I have found a “new” but used car for myself…..but will use you guys in the future if ever I have any car rental needs. Thanks again for all your help Jason
Jason- Los Angeles

Friends coming to visit …

Dana Lavadie, Alice Averi and Anita were here.
Friends- U.S.A.

Anika, Janina, Natalia was here ( from Germany) 699 Great & friendly ?
Friends- Germany

You are the best…

… Never rent from anyone else.
IW- U.S.A.

You guys are the best ?
Stan the man- U.S.A.

You are the best, and I am your best client!
Anonimous- U.S.A.

Ashley is toooo cooool…

…Love this place ?
Anonymous- W.L.A.

I love my sister Ashley!! you too Shaun!
Ben- W.L.A.

We love 699, thanks Ashley.
Anonymous- W.L.A.

GREAT and Friendly Service…

Love 699 Rent-a-Car
Priya- U.S.A.

Great price, great service. Ashley you are the best!
Anita- U.S.A.

Real good service, prices were right, easy to rent, no problems. Thank you
Anonimous- U.S.A.

Oh my Godzilla! you guys are..

… nice, cheap, fun and helpful!
TV- U.S.A.

Hello guys, I rented a car in 2010…

… from the west Los Angeles office, and even we had some problems a the beginning I ended up being really happy with your service.
David X.- Spain

Thank goodness for this place!

I ended up being a very long term customer due to the fact that it took me a year to fully get set up here in L.A from NYC. I was not in a position to purchase a car, so this this facility ended up being somewhat of a long term solution for me. Extremely affordable, and great customer service. Jason is the best, and he will do whatever he can to accommodate you. I would highly recommend!
Kendra M.- NYC, NY