It is with great sadness that after 12 years in business at that location we find the need to close. Our local and state government have not paid attention to our voices, its constituents, taxpayers, businesses, residents, neighbors, and to those in need and of good moral and sound mind. They have eluded any effort to clean up our streets, in what the area and other parts of the city have come to look worse than some 3rd world countries. I personally find it unfathomable that in such a great nation as ours we have allowed it to slip through our hands and into the hands of drugs, crime and into a mindset of what was once considered immoral, illegal, and wrong to be acceptable and ok. In the last few of years we’ve come to witness violent attacks, shootings, deaths, drug use right in front of our office, streets riddled with trash, fires, waste and human excrement’s ( that we’ve had to clean and disinfect on countless occasions off our office sidewalk and cars ). We’ve had our office broken into by our homeless neighbors twice in the past six months, to an extent that all keys to all cars we’re taken from the office, 5 cars driven off the lot with one of them ramming the back gate open.

This could and would not be acceptable in the past! I am writing to all who read, in hopes that a moral voice can be heard even though a small presence, however, to the end all who understand to choose a government that can do right by all people and one that takes pride in this beautiful, rich nation of ours.

Our other offices will remain open. The Hollywood office will take on servicing the existing rentals and reservations for the WLA office. We are hopeful to find another office not too far away and reopen in the near future. We will keep you abreast as it happens.

Our sincere thank you for your patronage all these years and support during the past difficult times.

Best wishes and regards to all,

John Semerc